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In 1796, George Washington made the first philanthropic gift to save the struggling Liberty Hall Academy. Since then, two-plus centuries of alumni and friends have given because they loved W&L, believed in its mission and wanted to ensure its success for future generations.

KY棋牌官网app is grateful for the expressions of concern for the campus community even as our alumni, parents and friends face disruptions and challenges in their lives. Many have asked how they can make a gift that will enable W&L to meet the immediate needs of students, faculty, staff, and the families of these groups.


  • 学生,一些谁不能返回KY棋牌官网app园的人的意外和紧急生活和旅行费用;
  • W&L's promise to ensure the employment of all employees through at least June 1;
  • Costs associated with W&L's plan to complete the academic year through virtual instruction with quality and personal attention;
  • 通过返还的2019 - 2020食宿费用按比例计算的份额治疗的KY棋牌官网app庭相当。

虽然我们不是物理上的办公室,我们仍然回答年度基金在行 540-458-8420.


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The impact of your gifts is not simply the tangible resources you provide to help carry out W&L's mission. Your support offers inspiration to the campus community in many ways.

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