To: The W&L 社区
来自:麦克mcalevey 86年,校长

I hope you and your loved ones are faring well in these challenging times. Earlier this month, KY棋牌官网app's 受托人董事会 convened virtually for our annual fall meeting. We had the opportunity to hear an update on the campus response to COVID-19. And we wish to express our support and appreciation for our students and faculty who are adapting to new methods of living, learning, and teaching. No less is true of our staff and administration, who are working to provide the best possible experience for our students under difficult circumstances. We recognize that this is a challenging time for everyone as we seek the right balance between campus openness, for which W&L is renowned, and the precautions required to keep our entire community safe and healthy during this global pandemic.

We also heard an update from the Special Committee charged with assisting the full board in its examination of the issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus. These considerations also encompass the issue of the university's name and the design of its diploma. The committee has compiled a great deal of information thus far. In our meeting, we focused our discussion on its findings as they bear on institutional history and the present cultural environment: the national focus on racial justice with its impact on higher education. Moreover, we reviewed W&L's actions to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in light of actions at our peer institutions.


除了调查中,我们已安排与学生,教职员工和校友13个会和已经阅读成千上万的个人通信。而它仍然是早期的,显而易见的是,这件事引起强烈的情绪,尤其是在这个历史时刻,我们的社会严重分裂了大学的名字。但其他共同的主题也层出不穷:其中,奉献和关爱,我们的选民觉得这个机构,致力于我们的核心价值,并期望该大学发挥其巨大的潜力。与此同时,人们普遍认识到,仍有待多样性,平等和包容性和明确的支持做了扩大在这些领域我们的努力,包括大学的要素很多工作 战略计划.

I wish to reiterate that the Board is committed to a thorough, thoughtful, and inclusive process and urge you to approach these questions with respect for one another and with minds that are open to views and experiences that differ from your own. We have seen W&L's values of civility and open discourse in action in your letters and in our listening calls, where people with divergent views have listened and found common ground in their dedication to the university. We must continue in that spirit over the coming months if we are to emerge from this process a stronger institution.

Thank you for your support of W&L and your cooperation and patience as we continue with this critical work.